Best Cam Girls in 2018

Reviews & Comparison
Hours were spent researching some of the most popular cam sites to find the top webcam girls out there. *NOTE: We are paying customers on each of the following sites.*
Harry Nibs
Last Updated: 22 February, 2018
The Best Cam Site Ever

There’s a significant percentage of men out there who believe that porn videos featuring random dudes and hot girls are outdated.

Well, that can be quite controversial, but have you tried live webcam sites? If you do, you’ll see where this section of the male populace is coming from.

Adult webcam sites, popularly known as cam girls, come with a live chat feature that lets you interact with your favorite models as you watch them perform some of your deepest sexual fantasies, just for you.

Free or Paid?

Next generation cam girl sites have hundreds of live cam girls shows for you to peek in for just a small fee - some of the content is available for free when you make a subscription. But just like any other venture on the internet, it’s often filled with crooks.

Some of the adult cam sites you will come across are fake. Their sole intention is to rip you off with a bunch of pre-recorded videos and bots.

I don’t want you to get burned, which is why I’ve gone out of my way to compile a list of the best cam girls along with information about the adult webcam sites where you can find them.

You can use this information as a guide as you venture into the live adult webcam entertainment scene.

5 Best Cam Girls in 2018

I arrived at our final list by visiting the most reviewed, most popular live webcam sites and doing some tests to establish their authenticity.

I randomly sampled their live cam girls, looked at the various premium features, chat tools, private chats, group chats, and talked to the customer support team asking for some assistance. Based on these criteria, here’s my selection of the best cam girls in the industry at the moment.

1. Aspen Fox -

Aspen Fox

Aspen Fox is one of the most popular live adult cam girls in the market right now. She is as beautiful as Adonis, and when it comes down to live cam shows, don’t be fooled her looks – her ability to attend to your sexual desires is unmatched.

You will find her at, but she is well known on other online platforms as well, including social media. Her social media pages are filled with interesting nature facts, adorable cat pictures, and sexy photos.

She is known to be playful and light, but when the room is tipping, she can be freaky as hell. It is during these moments that she will show her hardcore deepthroat fetish performances for her audience.

This contrast has helped her grow a large fanbase in the adult live cam shows industry. Aspen Fox is the person to look for if you have specific fantasies about a hippie with an oral sex fetish.

2. Harley Rose -

Harley Rose

Known for her fiery red hair and kinky live shows on both Chaturbate and, Harley Rose is one of the highest rated live cam models in the industry.

Over the years, she has accumulated tens of thousands of loyal fans with her live shows on cam girl sites as well as her own business where she sells adult clips. She is one of the best in the game, so check her out.

If you are a horror fan, you will find the sensual darkness in some of her videos or live shows appealing. When it comes to solo scenes templates, Harley Rose isn’t afraid to experiment.

She does it all, from some strangely hot man-eater scenes to face paint and spooky lighting. That’s just one of the reasons Harley Rose has one of the biggest fanbase in the live cam industry. She’s almost like the real-life version of Harley Quinn, but in adult live cam performances.

3. Eva Foxy -

Eva Foxy

The adult live cam entertainment scene is dominated by young women. Some men just prefer older, mature women who are very hard to find on adult cam girl sites.

If you fall in the category of men who prefer mature ladies, then you are in luck because today you’ll find a mature cam girl. If you haven’t heard of Eva Foxy, go check her out.

You can find her on both and CamSoda, so if these two are your favorite live cam girl sites, then you don’t have to choose. Eva Foxy is 34 years old. She is a self-proclaim MILF and she deserves your consideration.

She surely knows how to put on a show and she is the sage that will make all your specific fantasies about mature women come true.

4. Lana Rain -

Lana Rain

Lana Rain is that hot girl that you have always wanted to talk to but never gathered the courage to do so. She looks like she’s just walked out of a Hentai scene.

Her performances are anime themed and you get to enjoy her sexual creativity on a live cam scene, you don’t have to go collecting her DVD boxsets.

She portrays herself as a Hentai and she is one of the best cosplay focussed cam models in the world. She knows how to do her thing in front of the camera, plus she is seductive and sweet.

You will find Lana Rain at – go watch her perform and you will understand why I consider her one of the best.

5. Charley Hart -

Charley Hart

Charley Hart is one of the most flexible cam girls I’ve come across. She can provide any type of performance you can think of. You can watch her performances on CamSoda along some of her videos.

Due to her success in live cam shows, Charley Hart is looking to expand to other sectors of the porn industry. She’s one of those cam models with a constant sweet, fresh, and light vibe around her all the time.

One can’t help but love her and that’s how she has managed to increase her fan base over the years. Her internet personality alternates between the sexy model who posts her nude pictures and powerful quotes with an image of an adorable cat or puppy in the next minute.

Her fans fell in love with this dichotomy years ago and have never looked back. She’s highly active on social media, private clips, and live shows.

Where You Can Find These Hot Cam Girls

These are the top-rated live cam girls on the market today. You can only find them on best cam girl sites on the internet. These sites offer a lot of features for their members, some of which you don’t have to pay for.

With free group chats and videos, you get to interact with these models a great deal. That way, you get to know a model well before you pay her for a private show.

There are a lot of stunning girls on sites such as Camonster, CamSoda, My Free Cams, Chaturbate, just to name a few. You get to enjoy a live cam show from your favorite live webcam girls at a pocket-friendly price when you subscribe to an adult live cam site.

In most cases, you don’t even have to pay a dime. All you need to get is a subscription and get free webcams.

There you go, gentlemen. These are the top cam girls on the market right now. There are many other sites out there, but most of them are not legit, which can be very annoying. If you are looking for a live xxx cam show, check out these sites, register to become a member and you will not be disappointed.